iTero Intraoral Scanner 

Distler Family Dentistry uses iTero intraoral scanners to capture incredibly accurate digital images of the oral cavity, teeth, gums, and jawbone. These images are used in various dental applications, including veneers, orthodontics, crowns, and dental implants. 

What iTero Does

iTero scans the interior of patients’ mouths, capturing digital images that are used to create high-resolution, 3D images in just a few minutes. The captured images are sent to a computer where iTero software makes accurate three-dimensional images of bone, teeth, and soft tissues. You can see these images on the computer screen right from the dental chair, allowing us to thoroughly explain your treatment plan and answer your questions. 

The extreme detail and accuracy of iTero 3D images dramatically improve the outcome for procedures like clear aligners, which depend on an accurate fit. These digital scans help us create detailed dental models for dental restoration such as crowns, veneers, and implants and cosmetic corrections such as Invisalign. 

How the iTero Scanner Works

The iTero scanner uses a small wand with laser light to capture multiple images of the inside of your mouth. The scanning wand is small, so you do not have to open your mouth uncomfortably wide as traditional x-rays. A laser at the end of the wand captures the images as the dentist moves the wand around the oral cavity. The images are sent to a chair-side computer or other devices for convenient viewing. There is no pain and no need for messy pastes or putties. 

Advantages of iTero Scanners for Patients 

  • No radiation with iTero scanning 
  • Safe for pregnant individuals  
  • Comfortable and quick
  • No need for unpleasant putty impressions to design oral appliances 
  • Pinpoint diagnostics 
  • Faster, more accurate treatment plans 
  • No wait time to see images 
  • Faster turn-around on dental lab work 
  • Built-in, real-time screen means nothing is missed during the scanning process. 
  • Shows not only teeth and bones but soft tissues, infection, teeth interiors, ligaments, and muscles. 

The iTero intraoral scanner is the fastest, most accurate scanner on the market, enabling us to capture precise details on every aspect of your oral health. We can use this technology to create more precise treatment plans, explain them clearly to our patients, and save them from the discomfort of traditional methods for fitting dental appliances and evaluating oral health. 

Making an appointment for your intraoral scan is easy. Call our office at Distler Family Dentistry Phone Number 502-458-7744 or use our online registration form. We look forward to demonstrating Distler Family Dentistry latest innovation in progressive patient care.